What is "Licht ins Dunkel"?

"Licht ins Dunkel" - the name literally translated stands for “light into darkness”- is a well-established and highly recognized charity organization in Austria that primarily raises money for people with a disability, putting the main focus on helping children. Furthermore, it financially supports people with a specially created emergency fund that helps families in need in a fast and efficient way.

The fundraising campaigns of “Licht ins Dunkel” work throughout the year. However, the peak period is the time around Christmas where numerous charity events take place. On a large scale, big companies support the activities with sponsoring and partnerships whereas on a smaller scale in every Bundesland charity events such as auctions, fashion shows, galas are organized abundantly.

The Austrian Federal President Dr. Alexander Van der Bellen acts as the patron of the charity initiative, Eva Radinger is the Acting Manager and the organization is headed by President Kurt Nekula. Transparency is one of the top priorities of the association. Therefore an audit firm screens, controls and takes care of both the whole fundraising process as well as the distribution of the donations. The association publishes a yearly report that states all the numbers and facts.


Since 1989 the association "Licht ins Dunkel" consists of seven member organizations which fight together for the good cause: “Lebenshilfe” Austria, “Rettet das Kind”, “Gesellschaft österreichischer Kinderdörfer”, “Kinderfreunde” Austria, Austrian UNICEF Committee, Caritas Austria and Diakonie Austria.

The Austrian Public Broadcasting company supports the association throughout the year. The staff of the Humanitarian Broadcasting department headed by Sissy Mayerhoffer is committed to support the association and functions as a voice of the interest groups of persons with a disability within the Austrian Public Broadcasting. The idea is to propagate the interest of the association and to show the projects which received financial aid to the main public. National radio stations eventually support the initiative with special fundraising campaigns. Besides the fundraising the association in cooperation with the ORF has also launched media campaigns to raise awareness of the day to day problems and barriers of people with a disability within the Austrian society.

Since 1978 the campaign has put special emphasis on Christmas Eve. On December 24th the channel “ORF 2” is dedicated all day long to "Licht ins Dunkel". Together with numerous guests and stars "Licht ins Dunkel" tries to collect as much money as possible and to bring the Christmas spirit into the homes of everyone.